Walls of Honor:

Twenty "Walls of Honor" provide the backdrop for Veteran Inscriptions.   Three line inscriptions may be purchased at a cost of $100.   The three lines contain Rank, Name, Branch, and Dates of Service.      Refer to the Purchase page to find the form.

History Walk:

Ten pedestals mounted with pictorial plaques connect the five small stars located in the park.   The pedestals and plaques contain photos and historical text depicting how the community and veterans "Answered the Call" since 1875 to the present.      



Donations continued to be accepted.   Any amount is welcome as we continue to raise funds for sculptures and park maintenance.  Donations may be sent to Beatrice Rotary Foundation, PO Box 162, Beatrice, NE   68310.    We say thanks 


Sculptures:  WWII and Present day Soldier Sculptures have been installed in the park.   The third sculpture dedicated to the Viet Nam Era is scheduled to be installed fall of 2022.    We continue to take donations for the 4th sculpture which we hope to have up in 2024.     Donations can be sent to Beatrice Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 162, Beatrice, NE   68310